Rest thee Leonard

This year has taken many talented people – musicians, actors, comedians and more.

It has also been a year of political disappointment – Brexit, the election in the USA. Monsters have erupted out of the ground everywhere.

The far right moves across our Western world, openly. People collude knowingly or perhaps in ignorance, not believing that there is a swell of fascism under their noses. I find this hard to stomach – this kind of eery ignorance.

I have spoken often about the rise of fascism in recent months and feel that many don’t listen. Be aware. Know thyself.

And now Leonard Cohen has gone. Music is a precious gift we gave to ourselves. Use it wisely and with love, it will take us through times such as these.

I am spending the weekend with music. I cherish the musician, songwriter, singer and appreciate all that songs have done for me.

I also need to get back in to that rock choir and pluck a balalaika. Everything in the right order, at its own pace – winter is almost here.


Well I’ve heard there was a secret chord
That David played and it pleased the Lord
But you don’t really care for music, do you?
Well it goes like this:
The fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah

I like a man in a suit and trilby…I can listen to a baritone voice and some exceptionally beautiful, poetic lyrics. Rest in peace Leonard and thank you, for the songs.


Eurovision maintenant!

Am gearing up to a night of Eurovision – mammoth-size knitathon ahead. My fave is Belgium, followed by Bulgaria and Australia. By gum many of the songs are verging on acceptable melodies despite key changes as the contest edges towards taking itself seriously again. It’s mostly youthful, futuristic, great hair everywhere. Too many songs sung in English though.

Politics – there is some for sure. But hey ‪#‎nopasaran‬ Europe no pasaran. Who will get booed this year – my guess is Russia and Israel. UK entry not too baaad boyz, not bad at all. ‪#‎Eurovision‬ all my feckin’ life – it was the ultimate show of the year for all the family. Sweden are fun hosts – expecting a lot of cheek from Graham and Petra.

Some brilliant bilingual folk around too. ‪#‎Learnalanguage‬ or three – it’s good for you! And if you are watching it – whether to groan at or embrace a spectacular live event – please remember ‪#‎Roma‬ – all music is brought to you by the traveller. Vivire, rock et de prosperer!


Songs for Hisao


My mother’s sister was caught up in the Balkan war of the 90’s and was displaced several times after her home and village were bombed. She was of an age and along with her disabled son, found herself up in Sarajevo during the siege, staying with another son of hers who was a primary school head there.

We lost contact for a long time – it seemed everywhere she went was being shelled to hell, yet she lived through it all (as well as WW2). She knew real poverty and the toughness of self-sufficiency – nothing got to her.

Eventually we spoke on the phone. I couldn’t really talk for crying. She said ‘Don’t be upset. Sing and dance for me. I can’t do it right now. If I was you, that is what I would be doing’.

Her attitude surprised me. I thought she’d be beside herself with grief and pain. But no, like my mother, it was a message… get up, you’ll do it again, so get up.

Was it simply, don’t let the b*stards get you down?

Or something deeper. Be my voice. Sing for me. So they can hear me. I aint going down yet. Dance til they feel the thunder of resistance beneath your feet – for your feet are mine and your voice is mine too.