More change…

I have a busy mind. I admit it’s been floored a bit since the MI. I’m writing this whilst the cat’s having one of those crazy moments, so I guess his mind’s a bit like mine right now and he may leap on to my desk any minute…

When I moved last year I thought that was all endings and new beginnings happening , but now it seems, there’s more to come. Some kinda further substantial shift.

I realise that I am tired of certain situations, recurring issues, other people’s stuff and that I have, at this moment, lost the will and patience (not that I had much of that) to listen to what I can only describe as 360 degrees of the same…..stuff. I have been suggesting folk take their stuff elsewhere. I have my own to be concerned with and mine is more important right now.

So back to the busy mind and keeping it occupied. I am. We all experience stuckness, inertia, having to not take action – all these things I am no fan of. But there’s a lesson I must learn to move in to the next phase of my life and my third phase is coming up.

Am I in search of enlightenment, something else. Maybe. But the old has to go and strangely that can also mean some people who have been in my life for a long time. Slowly, one by one, they disappear. Slowly the planets align and a new path appears. I make my new journey alone. No hangers-on thank you. It’s about my Hisao.


The Year of the Snake

There may not be a revolution, just a resentment, an anger, a sense of injustice, a seething.

There may be a movement of new music, art and literature. It may be happening right now. It is. We can’t feel it just yet.

It is the year of the snake. She moves when she needs to. But even when she lies still, we know she is there. And she waits to be warmed by the sun.

The snake has deeply held feelings. She is all about emotion, intuition. Knowing her power, she uses it wisely.

She is part of the alternative world. The indie movement. She courts respect and fear.

She is lucky. It is said that in China to have a snake ensures the family and the home are safe.  She is cunning, intelligent and wise.

Highly intuitive and introspective, her emotions are not worn on her sleeve. You never see the real her.

She reflects, deflects, mirrors.

The snake is proud and vicious.

It is the year of the snake. There will not be a revolution. There will be a movement.


Snakes-Apples-Books Greg Johnson