Lazy rolls of thunder, sheets of silver and pounding water on sills late at night finally burst the brief heat bubble. Everyone was out. The bus which goes every ten minutes between two old wool towns was full, stopping at every sign, we eventually reached our destination.

The difference between the two towns and their approach to regeneration is apparent. One is achieving the other is flailing. How so, when they share a common history, heritage. What does it say about visionaries in town planning and investment. Both have relied heavily on grants, with some mill owners investing in their own properties to enhance new uses of vast mills, both towns have such places.

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But vision isn’t about money, it’s about love. I can’t help but compare to cities of Italy. Small is beautiful. The artisan is appreciated, local produce desired, and from such visions of love have come a world-wide reputation.

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Today I did a little experiment with layering. The usual way to make filling for a pita or gibanica is to place all ingredients in a bowl and mix. This time I layered with out mixing. Two sheets of filo for the base, the fresh spinach leaves followed by cracking eggs directly on top, then grating the courgette. Finally a layer of filo. The result was an enticing picture of colours and flavours, brought to life. Like winter in to spring. Am loving greens and yellows right now.


Sonia Delaunay and Orphism


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An off-shoot from Cubism, Orphism focussed on geometric shapes and colour. Sonia and her husband Robert are credited with the founding of the movement. “In the Delaunays’ work patches of subtle and beautiful colour are brought together to create harmonious … Continue reading

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A fine design

This wee bag was made by my mother. I’m not too sure when, but possibly in the 1950’s when she was still living in her home village. In a post-war communist Yugoslavia things seemed to carry on as per usual in the mountains and forests where people hid from the offer of volunteering to rebuild cities.

My mother’s eyesight faded over time but she was a fine, detailed textile artist of the peasant tradition. Here you can clearly see the influence of the South East Balkans. The beads are tiny and they make the bag heavy. It is lined with a geometric fabric and has a metal zip. She could knit anything, weave, stitch, anything. She understood patterning. It was logged in her mind just like finding her way around places, never getting lost. I believe this is something that is not just taught, but also caught – my son could see the patterns in music from a very young age.

I have a photograph somewhere of me age four, in the studio in Bradford, holding this bag, wearing blue and a Nordic design cardigan. If I locate it, I’ll post it up.

There goes the doorbell. It’s a bit of yarn in the post. I have a jumper, a cowl and fingerless gloves to finish. Knitting with a Samurai film is on the cards tonight!