About Elisha Gabriel

Elisha Gabriel is progressing with her novel.  She is editing, rewriting and scrutinising it at this very moment.

She has put together a small collection of poetic prose and short stories written in three languages and is considering publishing them fairly soon.

She writes what she feels and thinks about modernity and tradition in the arts, culture, philosophy, cuisine and her relationship with the world and its sentient beings. Her fiction can be described as strange, sometimes surreal, sometimes with the magic of animals and people long gone, a touch of magic realism.

May the future free your dreams, and the stories you tell, reach out beyond the universe. There is no hope without fairy tales, no chance for change without imagination and its magic. So dream on writers, dream on and change the world.

She says…

I have been writing since I was eight, poems and songs, stories about other worlds. Music, nature, water, sound, humans, animals, travel, adventure, espionage -they are all part of my stories. I come from an ancient world, where people lived on horseback, and have been living in a modern one for a long time now. It’s okay, I like it most times. The old world is very important to me also. But most important of all, is Imagination.

I travel on the road and in my imagination, meet people learn about their lives, work and play. I’m a cusp child, and believe in creating opportunity. It takes a lifetime to get to know me, but I will know you before I see you, and I am a loyal friend forever once I have decided to take the plunge. Above all, I come in peace, always.

Soul comes before mind


2 thoughts on “About Elisha Gabriel

  1. Your “bio,” especially the ending quote reminds me of one of my favorite lines from a U2 song, “At the moment of surrender, of vision over visibility.” I try to live my life that way although it’s not always easy in a social media frenzy kind of world. Glad to meet a kindred soul. 🙂

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