Kantha Work Textile: Emotions of an artist.


Dastkar Ranthambhore

Kantha embroidery involves a simple running stitch. It is the way the embroidery has been used that makes it extra ordinary. The cloth is given layers that were kept together by the stitches.

The cloth has multiple uses. It could be used to sleep on or as a light blanket. Kantha is said to be “Dorukha” meaning turning the worn out and old textiles and fabrics to things of beauty. Kantha evolved out of necessity to drape or protect against cold. Kantha in Sanskrit means rags. It can rightly be called the recycling art. The precious silks and muslin when become worn out, women at our Dastkar-Ranthambore centre instead of throwing them away, piled them in layers and stitched. This Kantha work became very much popular and generated huge demand for itself in the fashion world due to its attractive designs and art. Kantha was also said to be lady’s self expression. The…

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