Metanoia means afterthought, from meta meaning “after” or “beyond” and nous meaning “mind”. In Classical Greek metanoia meant changing one’s mind about someone or something. When personified, Metanoia was depicted as a shadowy goddess, cloaked and sorrowful, who accompanied Kairos, the god of Opportunity, sowing regret and inspiring repentance for the “missed moment”.

What is changing one’s mind and when does it happen. Metanoia often refers to a spiritual change. But what is that spiritual thing. For me it resides in the house of creativity. I have to brave it to go deeper and fight the fear.

Fear is a good hijacker of emotions as are the monsters that lurk. Call out that beast. Hone your creative zeal and keep the focus, daily – that is the advice to myself. Al little every day, of exploring creativity, art, words, music.

There’s a shadow, a lesion. Paint it out to the world. Don’t hide.

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