Words and textiles

This Bradford project ended in 2015. It was called Fabric of Bradford. I’m going to share a couple of the posts on their wordpress. Here’s one below…

The Fabric of Bradford


The language we use is full of clues to our past and to the heritage of the places we come from. Within the English language connections to textiles feature frequently. Even the word ‘clue’ is derived from the anglo-saxon ‘cliwen’ or ‘clew’ which came to mean ball of yarn. Some of our Fabric of Bradford groups have been exploring our language and heritage through the words that we use. We have discovered that from fairy tales to tales from Bradford mills, fabric and textiles play a big part in our daily communication in ways that we might not notice.


We have looked at common phrases, sayings, words, figures of speech and stories that come from fabric and thread. Each group has thought of something different. We have also looked at language very specific to the textile processes used around Bradford and West Yorkshire. As some of our participants worked for…

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Chocolate and prune cake, muse.

I am making one. The cacao beans are roasting and prunes are soaking. It’s experimental, free of bad things – if that’s possible. It’s a cake for a food Renaissance! How’s that for some ridiculous posturing!

And if it’s a fail, I’m sure the pigeons will set upon it. Wish me luck…

I have  signed up for a serious Raja Yoga meditation class starting this weekend.

Submitted a short story to a competition which has no doubt disappeared in the ether never to be seen again. The character develops. She leads and brings me new tales. I am discovering a lot about her. I think she is a muse, but I haven’t asked her. Maybe she’s just the manifestation of my imagination.

Whatever is going on, I am giving time to writing and editing more regularly.