Fruit not War

So many contenders for most despicable politician across the globe. Bogeymen and women galore. Will they snuff themselves out or will one come to the fore as the 21st century Hitler. Does the media f with our minds blurring the line twixt fiction and reality. Will oppression be beaten again. And will robots be the winners as we humans wonder what on earth we are on earth to do. Will we concede that growing trees is one up on making wars. I heart cherries #Saturdaythoughts Grow fruit trees. Feed the birds and bees. The rest will follow.

Still life by Habert


Wislawa Szymborska: Cosmic Solitude

What, if like Tigger, we are the only ones.

Vox Populi

I admit that I find the question of life beyond Earth quite interesting, but still I’d prefer not to have it settled too quickly and definitively. For example, I’m cheered, not disappointed, by the virtually certain fact that there is no life on any other planet in our solar system. I like being a freak of nature on our one and only, extraordinary Earth. Furthermore I’m not waiting for any UFOs, and I’ll believe in them only when one comes up and pokes me in the ribs. Besides, I don’t even know what I’m supposed to expect from them. They may just be planning an inspection of bristletails, caddis flies, and trematodes. The conviction that if they were so inclined they would lend a hand with everything strikes me as hopelessly banal. At the turn of the century, fashion called for rotating tables at which you could summon up the…

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