Dushmani – on division

Hisao. Life story. If one takes the time to listen to life stories, one learns. To learn is the aim of we humans. Sometimes you have to be the first to listen. To do so without judging, is tricky. Finding the common ground is also a walk over a bed of nails. But common ground we must strive towards despite our feelings. That doesn’t mean no protest, no anger, no disaffection. Nor does it mean we have to give up everything. But we have to give up something. On all sides. And those who are far too brick-headed and full of ego need to be taught by those who understand that we learn together. Until then, division will rule us through whomever it is favouring. There are two kinds of peace: positive and negative. Positive peace enables. As for equality and fairness, isn’t that what we all want. As well as a planet that is safe to live on. Mother Earth and all her little babies need us grown-ups to get our act together. Thoughts. Feelings. Actions. Think a little differently. Feel a little differently. Act a little differently. And as someone said – change and the world changes with you.
P.S. Dushmani is a word common to the Balkans and to the east of them. It represents the snake, as the enemy. It’s a metaphorical term we all know and understand. A word ingrained.
More to come….

cat cutting apophis

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. – C. G. Jung

Hate begets hate. Love begets love. Said someone. It’s hard to love something you perceive as deserving of hate. It’s hard to love someone who is full of hatred. But when you see it and hear it, you can at least have a conversation. When it is covert, less so.

An old friend of mine says disarm people with kindness. Digging deep in order to be kind to those who spread hate is a conflict inside my head. I’d rather be kind to those at the receiving end of all the negativity abounding right now. Jo was a defender of justice.
Be a light giver. Be a lover of humanity. Of nature itself, she made us. One small gesture of love does wonders. It’s an energy, which collectively, envelopes the hate and reduces it. Sure, be angry, I get mad too. But let it go. Be loving more.
My first year of study on the peace course taught me this one little thing. War and all that comes with it, starts from our emotions. Our feelings, their festering. Their joining up with our thoughts. Yes, it is as simple as that. That’s where it all begins. With feelings. That is our one common ground across humanity. Emotions. We ignore them too often and try to rationalise all the time. Be in tune with your inner feelings at all times. Know thyself said the ancients. Make it so.
Know that you are as big on the inside as the universe is on the outside. There’s masses of room for love.


Recycle Central – a poem

In Yorkshire there’s a saying – where’s there’s muck there’s brass. It’s a county which has always been very good at recycling, dealing with rubbish and finding a way to make a living from it. Rag and bone men, the horse and cart, salvage yards, vintage shops – all are rooted in this old industrial place and have thrived for decades. Trends come and go. But nothing is as certain as mekin somat outta nowt.

Recycle central

Industrial landscape

Long gone

Rattling refuse

Bottles vodka

Cans coke

Being revived

Bulk movement

Thundering ground

Scrapyard thriving

Snickets, ginnels

Blossom pavements

Willow screens

Silent beck

In ancient pollution

The beautiful game played


A conveyor belt of metal

Humans in cans

Oblivious to sound

Shunt by