Prava Kafa – Real Coffee

It’s gonna be a long day so am starting with a traditional Bosnian kafa. There’s nothing like it to fill a house with the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans. Brought to the boil, simmered gently after adding a cup of cold water, sugar too if you like, at this point. I like to put in just a tiny bit of the sweet stuff to take the edge off such a strong cup of joe. All that’s missing is the whiff of Woodbines as my father sits in his chair by the table, after a night at work as a baker, having a cigarette and kafa before heading to sleep. Get a djezma and treat yourself to a real coffee kafa

Bronte Society News

Good news today from the Society! Dame Judy Dench is the new honorary president. I am very pleased to hear this and believe it bodes well for the organisation, along with a positive future of literary events about all things Bronte.

Having been a member since my return to West Yorkshire, I have thoroughly enjoyed going to  the Parsonage and Haworth to attend many things.










Don’t miss  bicentenary celebrations for Charlotte this year. Exhibitions, events and residencies are being held in Haworth and around the UK.

Details can be found here: The Bronte Parsonage

Always let your conscience be your guide

Once upon a time a whole bunch of leaders around the work declared a meltdown at the end of the previous decade. We entered an era of depression and austerity. We were told that hard working families would get help, but cuts had to be made to save us from our nation’s debts. That our leaders were going to finish the job off when they were re-elected by the prollies and petite bourgs.
It all looked real bad, not just for us, but many many countries. It seemed that there wasn’t a farthing left to save anyone. Poverty rose. The divide between the rich and the poor grew. Hang on. What’s that about rich people? Just a minute. There *is* money. What? There’s lots of it? Where? So we asked and they said nah-ah nothing in our pockets. Then the Truth Fairy appeared and with her magic wand dispersed the lies and laid out The Truth in front of the prollies.
The world gasped. The nation fainted in shock. The man from the cold island in the north ran away. Will others run too.
The moral of the story is: never believe someone who tells you, you have to do without, put up with low wages, zero hours, unaffordable housing, cuts to the NHS, selling off the education system. Well, selling off everything, whilst they are stashing their ill-gotten gains, avoiding tax and sitting on * A LOT* of wealth. No austerity for them. Austerity and the great crash is a fairy tale they made up for us.
Little boys lie and crickets know it.
This is not THE END.