Epic Japanese Quilt Show

Stunning quilting from Japan!

Jonelle Patrick's Only In Japan

"Flowers Of The Cosmos" by Fumiko Nakayama “Flowers Of The Cosmos” by Fumiko Nakayama

Let me just say right up front that this quilt show exceeded expectations in every way. Something I really love about Japan is that Art-With-A-Captial-A is defined so generously, and artists whose work requires many years of mastering the technical parts of making it are not dismissed as “craftsmen” but given full respect. And when that happens, you get this level of mind-boggling!

So, first of all, it’s no surprise that any showcase of Japanese quilts is going to feature insanely fractal levels of piecing and stitching perfection.

I do not want to know how many hours this took. ("???" by ?? Tanaka) I do not want to know how many hours this took. (“Countless Flowers Blooming” by Kazuko Tanaka)

And this. Uh, yeah. ("Jack In The Box" by Keiko Ike) And this. Yeah. (“Jack In The Box” by Keiko Ike)

And did I mention this? ("???" by ?? Tanaka) And did I mention this? (“Mother’s Favorite Winter Peonies” by Mineko Miyashita)

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are a few I thought you might enjoy, because they were especially Only…

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