Has been about gathering  fresh and dried fruit, nuts, vegetables, baking and making, visiting the dead.

September looks like it’s going to be a month heaving with events, happenings and decisions.

Writing  again – the fiction kind, after a summer’s break to knit, read and ruminate.

Florence proved to be a great place to visit this summer and plans are afoot to return.

I’m feeling a little intrepid which is a good thing as things start to take off.

The wind brings change. I welcome it.


Florence – Vasari’s Corridor


Making with beautiful colours from Rowan Yarns


Gibanica made with courgette, spinach, feta, leek and thyme


My father, my son and I’m the ghostly one.

The Hit List: 20 Demos, Albums and EP’s You Need to Hear Right Now — July 20, 2015

Son’s band Limb to Limb is no.1 mention as band to listen to!

Adam Marx's Mind

Week three into the resurrected Hit List and there’s no sign of slowing down. A new slew of amazing artists you need to hear, as well as new releases from some of my favorite independent artists from around the world! Albums are in the no particular order. Check these people out, they’re sick!

1. For Machines EPLimb to Limb – 2015

For Machines EP

2. The Black Swan TheoryImber – 2015


3. Worth the Weight Guidelines – 2015


4. Take Control EP –Free Sergio – 2015

Take Control EP

5. Kissing Boys – SingleThe Swear – 2013


6. Skin and Bones – SingleBloody Diamonds – 2015


7. In My HeadHillary Hand – 2015

In My Head

8. Paint the SkyTigerface – 2015


9. One Step At a Time – Hour 24 – 2013


10. Change EP –Derange – 2014


11. 1974 & the Death…

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