Saorsa is the future

I have spent the morning working on the WIP. I have decided to give it a deadline for submission regardless of its state by then! It won’t be perfect, but more about the subject of perfection and spirituality  in my next blog and about artists I have worked with.

There has also been a short story created from a recurring life-long dream. It’s dark, but there is saorsa there too.

Lists, I have many now to work through over the coming months as the zeal for making and doing has returned.

Last year seemed like the penultimate bad year, especially where people are concerned. There are people I no longer want in my life as their presence is clearly of no benefit to me and mine and has often been detrimental. But we rise above them and discard them. In order to live let live, as Gilbhran said. We are moving on, and they no doubt, will be pleased about that too.

My next few blogs will be dedicated to the artists, musicians and writers I have had the pleasure to meet and work with in recent years. They are mostly peasant, traveller, working class, disabled, gay and  women. Erudite, hard working crafts people who have at times been cast outwith the world of arts snobbery, but have still made a good name for themselves as professional artists, community people and volunteers. It is through them that it is possible to understand the meaning of community -whether that is in geography or mind.

Knitting projects – I am taking some on this year. If there’s one craft I can still claim to be competent in it is this one. I have made many sacrifices over the decades, like many women, and not always been kind to my own artistic self-expression. My writing has suffered the most. Music will always be there, but whilst my hands and eyes still work, I will knit. Painting might happen, again.

My love of the arts came from my folks and the communities I grew up and lived in, the small ones and the bigger one. But more about all that in the coming months. It takes time to reveal and share stories.





Why Borgen

We’re in to season two here in the UK.

Some have already written about the appeal of the series; hot to jump on the back for the love of all things Northern European. Everybody wants to be Nordic here.

Some are not all that interested and find the overall feeling to be bland and don’t like subtitles.

So what do I like about it?

I suppose thus far Birgitte (I once knew a Birgitte – girlfriend of artist Ivan Jones) seems quite human – a far cry from our politicos. She hurts, she makes gaffs, she gets mad and she can be tough.

She has the intelligence to ask the Colonel what he thinks should be done in Afghanistan. She has the ability to act without ego. Now that is rare.

Will events change her, will she become more susceptible to corruption as her own personal life drifts from her – especially her children.

I also think that her OH ran out on her very quickly – he could have tried harder.

But I suppose the biggest appeal of Borgen is that it takes the edge off our own skewed political scene and very much shows up our politicos behaviour.

Want to leave Britain? So many do.

Want Mrs Borgen in charge? Yeah. I watch Nicola Sturgeon with interest.

Westminster – get yourselves sorted or your people will get real mad!

There is no reason why all over the country, people can’t come together, hold debates, conferences, gatherings to talk about democracy. Do it. Get together and talk.

Denmark for me though has always been about Hans Christian Anderson long before Borgen. Loved his wee tales as a child.