Bastille Day – what revolution next?

2012 – What revolution can occur this year that would change the world we live in?

The year we decide that all children have the right to play, freedom of self-expression, be creative, live in a safe world, without poverty, pain or the anger of adults. That they can feel safe to create the art they want to, walk the streets, be supported by adults throughout their lives.

What is a child?  A person raised from the womb til their mid-20’s.

Who can make this revolution happen? All of us.

World Peace. That is all. Make it so. I will not give up on this no matter what.


The Betrayal

This path is  not for  me

I left a long time ago

Time comes and the rest of me departs

No fruit tree, bramble or sloe

My garden is over-grown

Flag iris, willow and wild rose

The marshland of the north is here

It has its own beauty

But the bramble path is for me

I no longer listen to the birdsong

With disheartening rhythm and no harmony

The steady cuckoo and woodpecker have gone

The robin in charge with a robust territorial irony

And it saddens me

Like the dead cherry blossom tree

I stand on the hill bowing in the wind

To the setting sun and velvet sky

Rooted but dead, a cackling crow on my bough

I close my eyes and dream of brambles